Friday, June 1, 2007

Blog Added Feature: Video Exchange

As an added feature( and to make this site as accessible as possible under the nomadic circumstances of a traveling choir), we've put in videos of members of the Madz as they greet their friends and families back in the Philippines or elsewhere. Consequently, viewers to this site will be able to upload videos for the Madz members by attaching it to their emails and sending it to the address on the top-right hand side of this page (we will, however, edit the videos to our hearts content).

Thanks for supporting our blog!


mae said...

good job miles!

armando said...

Hellow mga video & documentation crew staff cheness....

O nasaan na ang mga latest reviews/reports on the the Paris ekk...The article from Ambassador Zaide was passed on by Joey Alvir to madrigaliana...Eh vakit wazz pa ditrils sa blogspot. Looking forward to some video footages also of that landmark event